Exercise Bikes

The exercise bike is one of the most popular fitness machines out there. If you’re not familiar with the machine, it’s likely because you’ve heard of something else that’s often mistakenly called an “exercise bike.” It’s called a stationary cycle, but that name doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as smoothly. Stationary cycles are an excellent way to get motivated for a workout. They can also help you improve your skills at other types of bicycles, like road bikes and mountain bikes. The exercise bike may look like a primary home health care product, but it’s more than that. Here are some of its benefits. 

Aerobic exercise on an upright stationary cycle helps you build muscle mass, lose weight, improve flexibility and even relieve back pain. It is because the continuous motion of the exercise bike engages every part of your body while cycling uphill or coasting downhill. The constant action of pedaling uphills and pedaling downhills works your muscles in a way that running does not.


Upright Bike

The stationary cycle that most people are familiar with is called an upright exercise bike or spin bike. It was initially made for kids, but it’s also now used by adults. Upright cycles are best suited for any fitness, including cycling, weight loss, and aerobics.
Sit on the seat and pedal with both feet at once. The pedals will move forward as the feet push them back, so you feel like you’re pedaling without moving your arms or legs. The seat is adjustable so that you can adjust the seat to the correct height for you. The pedal straps are adjustable to adjust the distance between the pedals for your foot size.


With a recumbent bike, you sit in a reclining position with the pedals in front of you, much like an ordinary bicycle. A backrest gives additional support, especially if you have back problems or are out of shape. Recumbent cycles are sometimes called “full bikes,” because they give you a full range of exercising options, including cycling, spinning, and weight loss.


A massage bike consists of a recumbent cycle with an attached massager that gives you a back massage during your workout. Massage cycles are made by FitnessZone.com, among others. These bikes can be found in fitness clubs and at specialty stores, as well as online. Some models have a vibrating mode, so you can get a foot massage while you’re using the exercise bike for cycling or spinning workouts.


The Spinner® bike is a stationary cycling machine that allows you to enjoy a great workout while listening to your favorite music. This high-performance machine gives you an effective full-body workout, and it fits easily in your home—the Spinner® bike requires only 7 square feet of space. The Spinner® bike is available through several retailers, including Best Buy and Target.

Mountain Bike

A mountain bike has a frame that is designed to handle rugged terrain. They’re built to be lightweight and sturdy, and the frame consists of a front triangle made of smaller diameter tubes mated to a larger diameter tube. Mountain bikes typically have suspension on the front fork and on the rear, which absorbs rough terrain and helps you maintain control. The knobby tread allows you to traverse rocks and uneven ground with ease.


An air bike is a machine that simulates the feel and some of the motions of cycling. The machine’s seat and handlebars resemble those of a bicycle. A console houses an electronic monitor that counts your speed and keeps track of how many calories you’ve burned during each workout. The motion is made by pulling handgrips attached to a fan, with the resistance being generated by the amount of force you use to pull on them.


The Cardio Strider exercise bike is a unique fitness machine that one can use both outdoors and indoors. Designed to take up very little floor space, the Cardio Strider folds in half for easy storage, making it ideal for small workout spaces. It also has transport wheels so one can quickly move them. The machine is specially designed to provide an intense workout using only the body’s natural movements. The Cardio Strider is available in several different models.

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Now that you see the benefits of exercise bicycles, you can decide which one will fit your needs. Most of these types of bikes are available on the web. The exercise bike is one of the best fitness machines out there. When combined with a healthy diet and a good nutrition plan, it will give you the body you’ve always wanted.