The 10 Best Exercise Bikes for All Your Fitness Needs

An exercise bike makes health and fitness easier. You don’t need a gym trainer or pay a hefty monthly gym subscription. Get a bike that matches your requirements and get on that fitness grind!

Here are some of the best exercise bikes that you can buy this year from Amazon com.

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  • Durable steel frame
  • Built-in wheels for easy transport.
  • Pulse sensors enhance functions.


  • It does not have adjustable angles, which reduces comfort.

The Stamina Elite is one of the best options on this list for the ultimate fitness routine in your home gym.

You’ll get eight smooth resistance levels that you can adjust for a great riding experience. It’s also easy to configure these different magnetic resistance levels with a tension dial, which is easily accessible.

The LCD display shows you the multi-functional capabilities of this exercise bike. Being able to monitor your heart rate is going to be a breeze as well. You can also track your calories as well as distance and time.

Overall, the Stamina Elite Total Body is one of the best recumbent bikes for a killer workout. It even includes upper hand and lower foot pedals so you can efficiently sweat your entire body.


  • Upper and lower body engagement Self-adjusting magnetic resistance based on user output.
  • Max support limit of 350 pounds 


  • The seat is slippery

The Assault Airbike Elite was designed to provide you the sort of workouts that athletes go through. This recumbent bike has received a lot of attention on social media platforms. Celebrities and other people of interest were seen going at it hard with the Airbike. 

The resistance levels on this stationary bicycle are self-adjusting, so you do not need to worry about different exercise programs telling you what pace to go at. This feature makes it easier for people of different body sizes to get the cardio best suited to them.

There are pre-programmed fitness plans on the bike. In addition, the LCD screen will provide you the stats on the speeds, calories, time, and energy consumption.


  • Digital functionality with the Explore The World app.
  • The console is full of attractive features and settings.


  • Customer service is not professional.
  • Setup is not easy.

If you want some of the finest features packed in an upright bike, you are definitely going to love the Schwinn 170. It has adjustable seating and ergonomic handlebars, so you can rest easy knowing that a high comfort level is guaranteed. 

You will get in-built heart rate sensors that will display the state of your cardio workout on the  LCD screen. The display is going to provide you with all the details of the training program you desire. You get 29 different routines to pick from, along with20 resistance settings.

These different features are available to you at an affordable price compared to other popular spin bikes with lesser features. Additionally, there are built-in speakers as well as a water bottle holder for your convenience.


  • The flywheel belt drive provides a smooth and silent operation.
  • Tools are included in the package for assembly.


  • The seat creeps back and hardly locks in place.
  • The calorie burn is inaccurate since it does not change with position settings.

If you want one of the finest recumbent exercise bikes with a slightly different seating position than the traditional design, this is the product for you.

There are plenty of attractive features and fitness aspects in the Exerpeutic 1500XL,makinge this bike stand out. 

For instance, it features the finest pulse sensors for the most accurate heart rate monitoring and health stats. You get 8 eight resistance levels to adjust the level of fitness you desire. It’s also Bluetooth compatible.

Keeping track of fitness goals will become easier when you link it up with the MyCloud fitness app. This will enable you to keep an active log of your bike exercise each day and track your burned calories. The large console is going to help indicate your user profiles and the relevant stats.


  • The adjustable seat provides a well-padded and comfortable sitting position.
  • The weighted pedals provide maximum foot support and control.


  • The screen is not backlit.

There’s a lot to love about the Marcy ME-709. First and foremost, you’ll have a 90-day return policy. This alone makes it better than most other exercise bikes.

The heavy-duty construction will provide you with a lot of durability and ensure it stays in play for a long time. The attractive step-through design will provide maximum mobility for quick mount and dismount during training. This will give considerable ease to your back and knees.

There are eight resistance settings, and the tension knob will make it easier to adjust the difficulty.

The LCD screen is easy to read and shows several different functions and features. The equipment includes a built-in odometer so you can calculate the distance you paddled. 

The display is shared, and large figures will allow you to identify the speed and time. The calories burned are another great aspect of this bike. It comes at a relatively inexpensive price tag.


  • It provides more than twice the pressure options compared to other pedal exercisers.
  • The five-function LCD provides time, distance, calorie count, speed and scan options.
  • Best for beginners


  • The pedal straps can detach from the pedal and rip over time

Moving on, the DeskCycle Exerciser may be the best way to avoid gym membership. It’s better than most stationary bikes commonly found at retailer sites due to its size and design. It’s going to help you save a lot of space in your home or office with all the desirable bike features you need. It’s portable, so you can easily fit it under your desk.

The DeskCycle brand is quite precise with its products.  The magnetic resistance mechanism is patented due to the smooth and quiet pedaling motion it provides. It’s easy on your joints and hard on your muscles for an efficient workout. It’s the best model for entry-level cyclists.

You can adjust eight different intensity levels from easy to challenging modes for the best workouts. It’s suitable for seniors as well as experienced riders and trainers.


  • Suitable for HIIT training.
  • The performance monitor is quite easy to use and includes preset workouts with reliable data and accurate monitoring.


  • There’s no lever to adjust the damper settings while riding.
  • If you stop the workout for more than two minutes, it resets.

The concept2 BikeErg got a lot of positive reviews over the years. It provides you adjustable air resistance for conditioning and strength training.

It’s quite easy to assemble as all the necessary tools are provided with clear-cut instructions.

The easily adjustable seat height and handlebar positions will provide you with a customized and comfortable fit. The tool-free ratcheting system makes saddle and handlebar adjustments easier to manage. This will allow users to access their workouts quicker without worrying about preparing the bike. You can easily stay connected with your favorite fitness apps via Bluetooth for heart rate tracking and activity logs.

Finally, the clutched flywheel weight keeps spinning when the pedals stop to enable you to coast like an actual road bike for easy intervals.


  • It has simple installation made easier with installation videos.
  • It has an additional feature of an iPhone holder


  • The flywheel will not keep spinning when you stop pedaling, which can cause injury if you’re going too fast. 

Yosuda makes our list with their Indoor Cycling Bike. This model is definitely one of the top choices for the finest exercise cycles on the market. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s well worth your money.

With a ton of attractive features, Yosuda has made this machine quite irresistible. The ergonomics of the design are impressive. You get a non-slip handlebar that can be adjusted two ways to provide better stability. You also get a four-padded seat for the best comfort.

It gives you a range of adjustable options for infinite alterations so you can feel the simulation of a regular cycle. Experts are particularly fond of this model.

It’s quite safe to use since the cage pedals protect you from fast motion to avoid injury. To stop the flywheel, all you gotta do is hold the resistance bar.


  • The LCD monitor will provide you with heart rate, tracking time, distance, calorie count, and RPMs.
  • It comes with a media rack and water bottle holder for maximum convenience.


  • The flywheel is noisy.

The Schwinn IC3 comes with a chain drive that provides you with more force. And a 40-pound flywheel will also enable intense workouts.

You will enjoy infinite intensity settings so you can easily ride your indoor cycle on days when you can’t pull out the real one. Don’t worry; the SPD pedals will provide the safety of foot cages with the trainer’s preference.

The seating is quite comfortable since you will get a race-style ventilated seat with horizontal and vertical adjustments.

The power requirements are fulfilled with 2 AA batteries, so you do not need to keep it plugged in like some other models. The batteries need to be purchased separately, though

The bottle and tablet holder will allow you to ride with your multimedia and hydration facilities close to you.


  • The large seat design with multi-grip handlebars provides enhanced comfort.
  • It will help you conserve floor space.


  • Harmful products used in the construction may be cancerous.

If you are looking for the best way to burn off those extra calories without using up too much space in your home, the Xterra has got your back! This foldable model can be the best stationary bike for you if you have a limited area for workout gear.

Don’t worry. Just because you can save a lot of space doesn’t mean you’ll have to skimp on a quality cycling experience and features. The 3.3-pound flywheel is balanced so that you can get the smooth and quiet operation you need. The precision flywheel also diminishes the need for maintenance. 

You can monitor your heart rate with the help of pulse sensors in the handlebar grips for convenient tracking. The digital display will also provide you odometer readings along with calorie counts, time and pulse.


You may be familiar with the common ways to lose those extra pounds, like going to the gym, buying a fitness subscription or watching the daily exercise routine online.

These ways to burn calories may be tried and tested, but not everyone has got the time. And not everyone can go to the gym or follow a virtual coach without proper guidelines. 

The best bike is the one that provides you a range of intensity settings, safety features and convenience.

Not every bike is suitable for everyone as fitness needs vary with age and health conditions. This is why it’s important to pick the one that provides you personalized benefits.

You can go through the information to decide on the bike you desire.